Iranian Women’s Organization of Ontario Scholarship for Post-Secondary Studies

1. Female student of Iranian descent

2. Currently enrolled full-time in an Ontario Post-Secondary Institution

3. Demonstrates active interest in Iranian culture and heritage

4. Demonstrates academic commitment

5. Involved with extra-curricular activities and community involvement


1. This is the first time these awards are being offered and as such there is an emphasis in aiding a person who matches the character of the Iranian Women’s Organization of Ontario. If necessary, in the future, the criteria may be broadened to allow all Iranian students, or perhaps all students, to apply and be selected for an award.

2. The scholarship for post-secondary students will be awarded to a student who verifies their enrollment, full-time, in an accredited Ontario Post-secondary institution. This includes both colleges and universities. At this time, those who are involved with part-time, online, or long-distance studies may not be selected for this award, but in the future this may change.

3. An ideal candidate is one who takes pride in their Iranian background and can show quantifiable evidence of passion and interest in the Iranian culture and heritage.

4. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 is preferred. For first year students, mid-term grades and final grade 12 marks will be taken into consideration. Students are encouraged to go beyond this minimum.

5. This includes involvement both inside and outside of the post-secondary institution. The ideal candidate will balance the work required to achieve high grades with the time spent making their academic environment, social environment, and community at large a better place.