Our Story

The Iranian Women’s Organization of Ontario (IWOO), a registered, not-for-profit organization, was  established in Toronto, Canada in 1989. IWOO is an association of volunteer women dedicated to improving the lives of Iranian women and Iranian families.

In 2009, IWOO adopted a new vision and elected a Board of Directors, committed to a strategic direction that would be current, transparent and reflective of the needs of the Iranian-Canadian community. This community is comprised of people from diverse backgrounds, most of who have come as a result of the political upheaval and uncertainties in Iran.

The Board, along with other IWOO volunteers and staff, has successfully established the organization’s presence in the community and through immeasurable efforts and dedicated work, has developed regular and consistent programs and services.

IWOO has worked in collaboration and in ongoing partnerships with many prominent service organizations to implement a seamless service delivery model, based on best practices in the sector.

Every year, a weekly schedule offers over 100 educational workshops and presentations to the community. IWOO is actively engaged in upholding cultural and heritage-based celebrations and also participates in many indoor and outdoor festivities.

IWOO is committed to assisting Iranian women, Iranian families and members of the broader Iranian community to overcome barriers, to become economically independent, and to contribute productively to all aspects of life in Canada.