Join us to celebrate 25 years serving community


It is with distinct pleasure to announce that Iranian Women’s Organization of Ontario-IWOO’s 25th Anniversary Gala, will be held on May 09, from 6:00pm-Midnight at Spirale Banquet and Conference Centre. Our theme for this year’s event is: “A Journey Towards Global Citizenship: Treasuring 25 Years”.
We have many reasons to celebrate this year. Our uninterrupted service for 25 years has been a sign of strength and commitment. Our programs have grown in quality and with much success. We have moved our head office to a new, fully accessible and permanent location. And finally, we have positioned the organization in a leading role within our own community and in the social service sector.
Over the years, you and your services have been a tremendous support to us and it will give us great joy to share our accomplishments with you at this special event.
We will be hosting an audience of 500 guests with many leading organizations and community leaders in attendance.
We, thank you for your continued support and we invite you to the Iranian Women’s Organization of Ontario- IWOO’s 25th Anniversary Gala.
We look forward to seeing you all there.


Entertainment Team

Gala Poster

The band “INsou-UNsou”—”Here-There”—will play. The name itself portrays the band’s orientation and its musical attitude. This multicultural band performs a fresh rendition of Persian folk based on non-Iranian instruments yet backed-up and spiced with traditional flavors of unique Iranian sounds. The band and its music represent integration and globalization not only of music but of people and cultures.


Vocal: Solmaz Peymaei


 Solmaz, lead vocalist of INsou-UNsou, graduated from the School of Architecture while studying music at the Tehran Conservatory. Her repertoire extends to folk, jazz and fusion. In addition to her vocal talents, she studied and plays the cello and a rare instrument, the Gheychak bass. Solmaz has performed as instrumentalist and vocalist alongside distinguished Iranian musicians, and was a part of many European concerts including the prestigious Teatro Colosseo in Rome. Since her recent move to Canada, she has performed at seven successful concerts in Toronto at venues such as the Royal Ontario Museum and the 2013 Tirgan festival (the biggest Iranian festival in the world). Her latest performance was at Beit Zatoun .


Piano, vocal: Babak Taghikhani


Babak , composer and pianist, is a musician from Tehran now residing in Toronto. He began his piano studies at the age of 14 with a focus on classical music. Along side a Masters degree and a professional career in architecture with a number of national and international award-winning designs, he was an active participant in the piano master classes held at the Austrian Cultural Institute in Tehran. He has been continuously composing music in different genres for the past decade. His work ranges from classical to new interpretations of Iranian folk music. Babak has successfully performed in Iran, Europe and recently in various venues and festivals in Canada.

Keynote Speaker


Dr. Nima Naghibi is the Interim Chair of the English Department at Ryerson University. She specializes in Postcolonial Literatures and Theories; Autobiography Studies; Trauma Theory and Feminist Studies. She is the author of Rethinking Global Sisterhood: Western Feminism and Iran (Minnesota Press, 2007). During her undergraduate years, Naghibi’s love of literature and her commitment to social justice inspired her volunteer work with human rights organizations such as PEN Canada. In 2002, she began her academic career. Three years ago, she worked in partnership with the International Diaspora Film Festival (IDFF), organizing and coordinating a “Spotlight on Muslim and Arab Women’s Stories”. This part of the festival featured a lecture by renowned film and cultural studies scholar Ella Shohat as well as free screenings of six films. Dr. Naghibi has published many pieces on representations of veiling in Western discourse and has co-authored an article on Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis. Her essays have appeared in English Studies in Canada, Interventions: an International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, Radical History Review, and Biography: an Interdisciplinary Quarterly. She is currently working on diasporic Iranian women’s life narratives with a particular focus on theories of trauma, memory, and nostalgia. Clearly, her deep concern for human rights continues to be reflected in her life and work in academia.




Sara Alimardani is a public and political affairs consultant currently working with the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration in stakeholder relations. She has previously worked with Global Public Affairs in government relations and the Canadian International Peace Project, managing initiatives that focused on multicultural engagement. She has volunteered with the Sentinel Project for Genocide Prevention on research pertaining to security and international affairs, as well as with various local community initiatives.
Sara earned her M.S. in International Relations from Vrije University in Holland, her B.A. with Honours in Political Science and Near and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Toronto, and has been a proud, active member of Iranian Women’s Organization of Ontario since 2011.




Driven for the last 14 years by his passion for music, TAKiN has become a celebrated Canadian artist, producer, radio host and entertainer. His passion has been constantly evolving, taking him from remixing exciting tracks and genres early in his career to establishing himself as an all around artist and original music producer. TAKiN’s talent has been recognized by leading Canadian labels including 6N7 Music, Hi-Bias Records and Maloos Music, and his original music can be found on iTunes, Amazon, Beatport, and many other digital audio stores. He has played in top venues across Canada in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa and has had regular special appearances in Miami, New York, Washington and L.A. As a DJ, his focus is on the mixology of people and music, rhythms and creativity to create a unique energy on the dance floor transcending his audience to arrive at a place of thrilling and inspired experience.

Scholarships for Iranian-Canadian Women of Ontario

Gala Poster

As part of IWOO’s greater efforts towards improving the economic and educational opportunities for Iranian women and providing venues for profiling the Iranian women‘s literary, artistic and entrepreneurial capacities, IWOO has established four scholarships to be awarded to exemplary works of for women currently enrolled in Ontario’s secondary and post-secondary institutions. These scholarships are to be awarded to the recipients at 25th Anniversary Gala on May 9, 2014.