English Conversation Classes

The main goal of this program is to reach out to those Farsi speaking newcomers or those who have lived in Canada for a long period but have not had the chance to learn English systematically due to other responsibilities at the time of their arrival. Both groups have some knowledge of English language; however, they lack the confidence they need to use the language independently and have to rely on their children’s support to perform their personal activities outside home. It’s noteworthy to add that the latter group is not eligible to use the LINC program that is offered by government freely; however, the newcomers can benefit from LINC classes often a few months after their arrival, and our program is a great transitional step for this group who are usually homesick and need more support and encouragement in dealing with the new cultural differences and challenges. There is also a smaller third group consisting of visitors who live in Canada in a temporary basis. This group also is not eligible to use LIINC classes which are exclusively open to permanent residents.

IWOO offers an informal language enhancement opportunity through a safe, friendly and nurturing environment. Learners gain the confidence to perform their personal activities such as banking, making appointments, shopping and expressing their point of views by attending our classes. We also assist them to improve their English language proficiency and ease the process of their integration with the Canadian culture by familiarizing students with important current issues in Canada and in the world through listening to the news and class discussions.

English Conversation Flyer